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After spending more time than I should have researching any out of box Angular directives that could be usable in custom pages I turned up not much.  There are some for the mobile interface but they are not created in a way that would be easily reusable.  I was also not sure if that would be changing so it would be a pretty unstable place to start.

Rather than wait I am starting my own project to recreate as much of the ServiceNow OOB features as Angular modules.

The project is located on github:

It is also dependent on an earlier gist until I can merge everything into a single Update Set.


Recreating The Form

The first step is to get a reliable model of the form fields.  Just using GlideRecord would not return enough information.  Remember we need all the attributes for a field, such as: type, mandatory, read only, length and so on.  This will allow us to create a fully functional form without having to do any custom coding.

To address this I have started ngGlideRecord which is meant to be a client callable Script Include which exposes a get function (meant to be like GlideRecord get) that returns a record with each fields full attributes.  For forms this will make it very easy to just iterate over the fields and output them immediately having access to all the attributes.

I also created a simple test UI Page that includes the core files and does a get for an Incident record (you’ll need to change the sys id if you try to recreate this test page).

The test page (which will eventually become a boilerplat and the Form Directive) has a simple switch to output the variable as an input text field if it is of type String.  The rest will just output the variable value.

Each type will eventually have a directive which recreates the standard ServiceNow functionality.

Be sure to watch the repository on github and check back here to get the latest.

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